Real Estate Services

Kleen it Out provides additional services to landlords, real estate companies and home renovators.

For landlords dealing with evictions, we can clean out the apartment or house rental, change the locks and provide other property cleanup and maintenance. Property owners who aren’t on site and who are managing foreclosed houses or commercial buildings can call us to empty the buildings and haul everything away, and also to board up windows and doors and otherwise secure the property, if necessary.

Our professional crews can help property owners maintain their holdings while they are vacant. If you are renovating a property and need someone to remove your construction debris, Kleen it Out can help. Here is a list of what we can take:

  • Demolition debris, old sheds, kitchen junk, bathroom junk, garage junk, office furniture, etc.
  • Construction debris, lumber, wood ends, tiling.
  • Dirt from yards, gardens, renovation and construction sites.
  • Concrete, patio, gravel, stones, home improvements debris.
  • Wood, fencing, firewood, and lumber.
  • Garden refuse, hedge clippings, branches, compost, grass.
  • Roofing items, cedar and asphalt shingles.
  • Drywall, wallboard, wall papers, Sheetrock.
  • Furniture, beds, chairs, couches,mattresses, cabinets etc.
  • Basement and garage junk: toys, books, boxes etc.
  • Old appliances and electronics: fridges, stoves, televisions, computer screens.
  • Fire and water damaged materials.

We cannot accept asbestos, chemical solvents or oils, paint and other hazardous waste.
Contact us for any questions and to get an estimate on your junk removal or real estate service job.